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ABOUT USDecorations

Creating magical atmosphere is our passion…

We provide the highest quality products for hotels, restaurants, wedding houses and catering companies. Tablecloths and covers for chairs that we sew stand out for both a unique design and high quality. Exclusive disposable products by AVA Tabletop that we offer in the largest range of colors on the market, allow you to decorate every party at the highest level.

We cooperate with contractors in Poland and abroad, making sure that deliveries are professional, complex and up-to-date. Moving with the times, we have launched an online store for you, in which you can buy the products we offer in a very simple and quick way. We invite you to check our offer.




Paper and cardboard

ABOUT USPaper and cardboard

Our company deals in distribution trade and processing of paper and cardboard.

We have many years of experience and a wide spectrum of obtaining resources. Our partners are producers of office supplies, packaging, cardboard, printing-houses and customers, who use paper and cardboard for their production needs. Thanks to our experience and many years of work on the Polish and foreign market, we are able to offer you high quality services and products.

We have a fixed assortment of products that allows us to realize cyclical and contractual orders on a regular basis as well as constant access to all kinds of production surpluses that make it possible to fill paper deficit on the market.

ABOUT USImage perfection

The products of our company will allow you to build a professional and individual image of both the company and your products. Our products from the image perfection department will facilitate the presentation of the company in terms of an exclusive image.

The prestigious range of products we propose includes:

  • Exclusive, delicate paper with individual print.
  • Products, packaged in this way gain an exclusive look and give a sense of uniqueness of the product.
  • Unique packaging created according to your expectations.
  • Individually designed and created, top quality binders and advertising samples.



Warehouse excesses

ABOUT USPurchase of warehouse excesses

Purchase of surplus goods and i.a. returns from retail chains.

Commodities, persisting in warehouses are a problem that generates large costs. Our company will buy unnecessary goods from you, which will increase the amount of space for new products on offer.

We will also help your company to restructure its debts and reduce unnecessary operating costs.

By reducing costs, we will increase the profitability of your company.


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